The department of nutrition and dietetics is committed to provide a nutrition care program which includes nutritional screening, assessment, diet therapy and education on healthy diets. Diet consultation are given for different disease condition in the diet cabin for outpatient and Re- assessment of patient is also carried out during discharge of in-patients. We have our own in-house kitchen for both in-patient and out-patient separately, we serve millet based meal every day from our diet kitchen

Major areas of focus

There is a global epidemic of obesity with prevalence as high as 40-50% in some regions. In India approximately 150 million people are obese. Obesity impairs quality of life and reduces life expectancy. So here we mainly focus on weight reduction diabetic diet. Awareness program (patient education program) regarding diabetes and several diseases are educated to the patients periodically.

We suggest healthy food for a healthy life style. More over some health conditions may require a particular food stuffs to be avoided,which is also addressed

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