How did corona virus Covid -19 affect patients with diabetes

The novel corona virus disease 2019 (COVID 19) is characterised by a severe acute respiratory syndrome affecting primarily the lungs and the immune system. Diabetes patients with COVID-19 may require special attention and clinical care. Diabetes and CVD are the most common underlying comorbidities that may increase the risk of death in COVID patients.

Diabetes is the second most common comorbidity in COVID-19 patients, following hypertension. In hospitalised patients, insulin is the standard therapy for controlling hyperglycemia. There is evidence that better glycemic control is linked to improved clinical outcomes in COVID-19 patients. The current retrospective, observational study was conducted in Chennai among COVID-19 patients with diabetes. The factors associated with COVID -19 hospitalizations among T2DM patients were identified using multivariate regression.

Diabetic patients who were mentally oriented, aged between 18 and 80 years, and took COVID-19 treatment were included in the study, as were T2DM patients with pre-existing, comorbid conditions.

In the current study, we looked at 120 T2DM patients who had been infected with COVID-19 and were assessed using biochemical and other clinical parameters. Based on the findings, it is possible that uncontrolled diabetes mellitus is to blame for the hospitalisation of T2DM patients and the severity of COVID-19 infection.


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